We offer a wide range of payroll services tailored to your needs…We can help you choose only the services that YOU need. 
Sometimes payroll can be complicated. With R&L, you don't need to go it alone!

Payroll Services

Expressopay - Online payroll processing
Integration with CDK Systems, Inc.

  • CDK Personnel For NJ Schools
  • CDK For Windows Accounting Package
  • CDK ACA Reporting

Payroll Check Calculation & Preparation
Payroll Journal
Deposit Report
941 Federal Tax Deposit Report & Return Preparation
State Quarterly Report
Benefit Hours Tracking
Check Register
Department Report
General Journal Entry Report
Voluntary Deduction Register
Imputed Income Calculation & Report
Social Security (FICA) Reimbursement Report (School Districts, Boards of Ed and Charter Schools)
W2 Preparation & Electronic Filing Delivery
Input Sheet for Next Payroll

Related Services:

  • Employee Electronic Pay Stub Delivery
  • PDF Employer Report / Secure Client Login at
  • Check Signing & Stuffing
    We deliver your payroll ready for distribution. No need to sign checks, stuff & seal envelopes.
  • Multiple Work Site Reporting
    We offer full Department of Labor Work site reporting capabilities.
  • New Hire Reporting
    R&L DataCenters handles the Reporting of all New-Hires to New Jersey automatically and on-time.
  • Retirement Plan Reporting (to Employer)
    403b & 457b, DCRP, TPAF, PERS & POLICE/FIRE Pension Reports
  • Interface with 401(k) Providers
  • Simple IRA’s & Simplified Employee Pension
    Accounts (SEP)

We calculate and Report Employee & Employer Contributions.

Direct Deposit

No Long Bank Lines! No Hassles! No Lost or Stolen Checks!

With Direct Deposit Services through Kotapay, net pay or a portion of net pay may be deposited to your bank, credit union, savings & loan (checking or savings account). Payroll funds are electronically delivered on your paycheck date.

Preparation of Direct Deposit Vouchers
Voucher Register
Initiation & Transmission of Direct Deposit

Automatic Tax Service

With Automatic Tax Filing (though *CTS) you need not worry about depositing and filing payroll taxes and returns. You are guaranteed that Automatic Filing is CORRECT and ON TIME!
*CTS - Ceridian Tax Service

Federal Income Tax Payments
Federal Unemployment Taxes (FUTA)
Social Security
State Taxes & Disability Payments
Local Taxes

Paperless Payroll “Greener Payroll”

As part of our Green effort...With employer reports in PDF and accessed with a secure login, direct deposit, and "pay-stubs" delivered to your employees email, we might just save a polar bear or the planet yet!

  • Earnings Statement "Pay-Stub" delivered directly to employee email address
  • Employer Administered: Employee email address and access managed by employer
  • Viewable on PC, Tablet or smart phone
  • Secure online archive
  • Delivery of employer reports in PDF

Agency Check-Writing

Preparation of third party check payments on your behalf (e.g. Pension Payments, Dues, Wage Attachments [including Child Support Garnishments] and Tax Payments).

Agency Check Preparation
Agency Check Register
Agency Ledger Report
Agency Transaction Report

Cafeteria Plan / premium only plan (POP, Section 125)

Section 125 Plans help employer and employee control escalating health care costs. Take your health care insurance premiums on a Pre-Tax basis. Section 125 Plans allows employees to pay for qualified health care premiums before taxes, reducing their tax liability and reducing the employer share of FICA & FUTA.

Complete Plan Document
Summary Plan Description
Administration Forms
Resolution to Adopt the Plan

ACA Reporting Services

If you are an Applicable Large Employer, and you are required to file Forms 1095-C and 1094-C, utilize this web-based ACA application to track monthly Employee Offer and Coverage (and Covered Individuals, if necessary).

  • Hard-Copy 1095-C for employee distribution
  • Electronic filing of summary 1094-C and employees' 1095-C's
  • Employer may import Self-Insured / Covered Individuals information (6055 Reporting)
  • Monthly Upload from R&L Payroll system available (employee census and hours)
  • CD provided for record retention

Reports You Need

Our in-house programming capabilities give R&L Payroll the edge…Always providing reports in clear and concise formats that help you interface with the State, Division of Pensions, NJEA, etc.

Call us if you'd like an overview of our complete reports package.