Who Is R&L Payroll?

R&L Payroll is a regional payroll company committed to providing incomparable payroll services to Boards of Education, Municipalities, Not-for-Profit groups, and businesses. R&L DataCenters was founded in 1969 with that simple committment. 

A lot has changed since then, and as our technology has advanced, our philosophy of providing payroll support with “old fashioned”, personal service remains relavant and integral to who we are.  Since the beginning, R&L has been one of the leading providers to New Jersey's Public and Charter Schools and local municipal governments. With R&L as your partner, you can provide easily accessible, informative, accurate and professional payroll to your employees, perfected over many years, while improving your overall operations and controlling expenses!

Count On Our Stability & Experience

R & L, the areas only medium-sized payroll provider with the expertise that you need and the stable Client Support Service that you deserve.  Our support staff has an impressive average of over twelve years with R & L DataCenters!

Regain Control of Your Time!

Running a successful Business Office in today’s hectic and ever-changing environment is not an easy task.  R&L’s payroll services give you a professional alternative to doing payroll yourself...and a local alternative to impersonal national companies.