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What you need to get started with payroll at R&L

R&L is eager to begin working with you to handle the payroll and related taxes for your business.

This list is meant as a general overview of items that I anticipate needing for the conversion or start-up. If there is any information particular to the business, please let us know.  

Follow this short, general checklist of the items we need to begin processing your payroll. I hope it's helpful. Call, 908.479.1995 or email mike@rlpayroll.com when you're ready or if we can help in any way.  

  Employee Information Needed

  Employer Information Needed

Employee Information

q    Employee W4 information (name, address, SS#, marital status, and deductions claimed for current year (Federal  &  NJ W4)

q    Employee Hire Date & Date of Birth

q    Earnings and deduction information for each employee, (gross to net)

q       employee quarter totals for an end of quarter conversion (for all completed quarters)

q       employee pay-by-pay totals for a mid-quarter conversion

q    Compensation information including salary and/or hourly rate(s) and/or other pay information for each employee

q    Employee Department (if applicable)

q    Voluntary Deductions (if any, would include health insurance information, 401k, etc.)

q    Involuntary Deductions (if any, would include wage attachments, garnishments, levies, etc. R&L will need a copy of the original order)

q    Pennsylvania Employee local tax bills (and rates), if withholding PA Earned Income Tax

Generally, Pennsylvania employers register the business with the municipality/jurisdiction where the business is located, and withhold Earned Income Tax from their employees pay based upon where the employee lives. Generally, payments are distributed by the jurisdiction where the business is located to the jurisdiction where the employee resides.

NJ employers who opt to withhold EIT as a convenience for their employees residing in PA, must register in the jurisdiction where each employee resides.

 In either case, it is best to obtain a local Earned Income Tax bill from each employee to assure proper payment. Please provide the registration number(s) to R&L.

q    Employee direct deposit information, if applicable (bank routing #, account #, checking or savings)

Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Forms

Employer Information

q    SS-4

If you have determined you need a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) as a new employer, you may apply online with the IRS by accessing this link.

q    Letter from IRS issuing the EIN for the company

q    Copies of current most recent 941 return

q    Most recent NJ927

q    Department Master List

q    A voided sample Payroll check from your payroll  account

q    Checking account starting number

q    A copy of your logo (if any)

q    First check date to be processed with R&L 

q    First pay period end  

Company Direct Deposit Agreement Form

Pennsylvania Employers

q    PA100 http://www.pa100.state.pa.us/ 

PA Employer State Registration Number: All Pennsylvania employers must obtain a PA registration number

q    Employee Local Earned Income Tax Registration Number

Local income taxes in Pennsylvania are variously termed earned income taxes, wage taxes or net profits taxes or a combination of these terms.

Generally, Pennsylvania employers must register the business with the municipality/jurisdiction where the business is located, and withhold Earned Income Tax from their employees pay.

Please provide the registration number to R&L.

See this page for more information about Earned Income Tax.

q    Most recent UC2 (for PA employer unemployment rate)  

Please call us as you compile this information if you have any questions; 908.479.1995

Please check out our “Links” page for additional state registration and other useful sites.

All of us at R&L are looking forward to working with you.


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