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Employer Forms
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New Employee Forms                                         Top of Page

Federal Form W-4

Complete Form W-4 so that your employer can withhold the correct Federal income tax from your pay. 

NJ Form W-4

Complete Form W-4 if you live in NJ, so that your employer can withhold the correct NJ income tax from your pay.

Form I-9

This form is the Employment Eligibility Verification form for the United States. 

Employee Direct Deposit Agreement Form

Each Employee that is going to be getting Direct Deposit will need to fill out this form. 

New Employee Form Public Sector  

Please complete this form for each new employee. This form is for our public sector employers.

New Employee Form Commercial

Please complete this form for each new employee. This form is for our commercial employers.


Employer Forms                                            Top of Page

Wage Attachment

Wage Attachment Remittance Preparation Request Form.

R&L - Intercept Direct Deposit Company Agreement Form

This form is required by us to add Direct Deposit to your payroll. Also for each Employee an Employee Direct Deposit form is required. 

Agency Payee Form

This form will help us set up for Agency Please use one sheet for each payee.

General Forms                                                Top of Page

2016 Year-End Adjustment Form

Please return adjustment form by December 16, 2016.

Expressopay Transmission Notification

Expressopay Users, fax us this form when you email your Database

Logo-Signature Form

Clients may use this form to add or change signatures on live checks prepared. For a higher quality signature, it's preferred that this form not be fax. Please have signed by authorized individual(s) and, scan/email or deliver/mail original.

Non-Residence Form NJ

As part of the reciprocal agreement between PA and NJ, this form is to be signed by residents of PA who work in NJ and wish to have their employer stop withholding NJ State tax

Non-Residence Form PA

As part of the reciprocal agreement between PA and NJ, this form is to be signed by residents of NJ who work in PA and wish to have their employer stop withholding PA State tax

Power of Attorney Form  

Power of Attorney Form for New York

My Payroll Reports Authorization

Please read and sign this form and fax it to us if you want access to mypayrollreports.com

R&L Holidays 2016

To assist you in planning the year please review the annual holiday list for closures. Please mark your calendar accordingly.

Section 125 Premium Only Document Request Form

Please complete, sign & return to R&L to have a Section 125 Plan prepared for your organization. Section 125--A benefit to employee and employer by having medical insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis and reducing certain taxable wages.

Residency Certification Form for PA Local Earning Income Tax

In connection with PA Local Earned Income Tax: This form is to be used by employers and/or taxpayers to report essential information for the collection and distribution of Local Earned Income Taxes. This form must be utilized by employers when a new employee is hired or when a current employee notifies employer of a name and/or address change.

ACA Reporting Forms                                         Top of Page

R&L ACA Reporting Available

R&L ACA Reporting General Terms and Conditions

R&L ACA Client Setup Form

IRS Form 8809 - Application for Extension of Time to File Information Returns 1095-C & 1094-C

Expressopay Downloads                                      Top of Page

Expressopay Update 2.0.5 - Self Extracting EXE

This self extracting exe can be downloaded to bring your currently installed version of Expressopay up to date. Note that you may need IT support if your computer is running on a network. Please do not hesitate to contact R&L for additional support.

  Click for Expressopay Update instructions

  Click for info on new Summer and Special Pay Options Available in Expressopay

Log Me In Rescue

Expressopay support program allows R&L client support to view your desktop and assist with your payroll process. Follow link then enter 6-digit code...


MyFileGuardian can be used to manually upload a file from your PC to RL Data Centers. 


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